Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Mind Map

Since I have changed my topic, my mind map has altered a little but I still want to follow a lot of the same main ideas. I know that investigating the different conferences and Title IX will be a big help for this field working study because I am studying athletes so it would be cool to study the amount of females vs. males. So far from what I have seen, there are more women's teams than there are men's but every time I go to study hall there are more guys there. My big question is, could there be more women's teams but there still be more male athletes? Even though my topic has been changed I can still focus on sports as a whole and the amount of money it generates. I also think it would be cool to see how college sports leads to the major leagues and how an elite group participate in the Olympics. In a way its crazy to think that athletes at RIC are an elite group participating in sports so it's almost like the Olympics at RIC. With my focus being on study hall I think that this mind map will still work in the same way because I am starting to focus more on the athletes now, which may help me broaden my horizon. 

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