Sunday, October 27, 2013

Questioning My Fieldnotes #2

The second time I went to my field site I decided to go at night instead of going in the afternoon. I went to the Student Athlete Success Center on October 22nd at 6:50 pm.

What surprised me?

 The thing that surprised me the most was something that I noticed before, except this time something happened.  Before, I noticed that most of the people there sit in the cubicles and try to use their cell phones and this time someone got caught. When I was there these two boys were talking and the guy in charge went over to stop them from talking. After one had already left he dismissed the other one but he was standing right there. When he asked the boy what he was reading he also asked to look at the book and found his cell phone in the middle of the book. I have seen people use their cell phones, but they do it when no one is looking. This time he thought he was being sneaky, but because there were six of us it was very hard for something to not seem suspicious. This time this boy was not lucky and he is now not allowed to have his cell phone near him, it has to be up at the front desk and he has to sit at the tables in the front. Gail and the guy know that’s the reason so many cubicles are used each time so it’s like they’re giving us a first chance and then once you break that, you have to pay. The other thing I found surprising was the people at the cubicles on the right. They were not sitting next to each other. There was a cubicle between the two people on one side and a cubicle open between the two people on the other side. I’m not sure whether there were people there before that divided them, or they didn’t want to sit right next to each other so they put a cubicle in between themselves.

What intrigued me?

The easel there that had information intrigued me. Instead of giving information to all of the coaches, the information is displayed on the easel for the athletes to read. Before I left I read all of the information on it and it was about the times the athletes can go to Craig-Lee and input their classes and it had the times and dates of the community service days for the teams to complete. I found this a little weird because it asked for you to have things planned to do there so I questioned whether teams do this together or if the athletes do it on their own. Then I started to wonder how the fall athletes were supposed to plan their activities because the seasons are almost over for some teams. With these questions in mind I think these might be things I can interview Gail about to learn more about the community service that we have to do.

What disturbed me?

The only thing that disturbed me is the amount of activity that I found at study hall. When I went there it was 10 minutes before they close the doors and only one other person walked in after me. There were about 6 or 7 people and many of them left while I was taking my fieldnotes. Not a lot of things happened at study hall this time, which made think that maybe a lot of the athletes go home instead of staying which then made me think that many athletes could be commuters. Regardless if they are commuters or not it seemed like many athletes don’t want to spend time late at night at study hall.

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