Tuesday, November 26, 2013


In my personal experience, writing poems has been challenging, but this poem was different. In this poem, Venetcia's emotions and experiences drove the poem and this helped make the poem stronger. This poem is composed entirely of Venetcia's word about what it is like at study hall in the Student Athlete Success Center.

Study Hall,
It's prison.
That's it. It's prison.
It's small and tiny 
and there's no space. 
Gail is intimidating.
Don't know why though. 
She sits right there in front of you,
and she's like right there at the door.
You can't use a certain door for some reason 
and I know I will end up doing that next week, 
So I'll probably get yelled at.

I am happy that I don't owe
like seventy thousand hours for no reason,
but now me dealing with this 
is kind of frustration,
and in a way kinda doesn't fit my schedule at all. 

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